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October 19, 2015

Dear Parents,

Lexington Middle School is dedicated to providing all students with a sound education that prepares them to succeed in school and in life.  We set high learning expectations for every child.  In fact, last year our students’ reading, science, and writing achievement increased at each tested grade level.  However, the state and federal governments judge schools based on the results of State NeSA tests for many student subgroups.  Examples of student subgroups include English language learners and special education students.

As a part of a federal law known as the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, public schools, through NeSA test scores, are judged against multiple goals established by NCLB.  Last year, Lexington Middle School was required to meet reading and math goals in multiple subgroups in order to be judged as meeting Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).  If one of these subgroup goals is not met, the school is labeled as not meeting AYP.  In 2014-2015, our middle school did not meet AYP.  This is due to NCLB goals being at 100% for all subgroups. Overall, the middle school met many of the AYP criteria but not all.  However, for the last five years some of the student subgroups did not meet the goals in the areas of reading and mathematics.  As a result, Lexington Middle School has been labeled as a school in need of improvement, Year 4.  This places the building in restructuring planning status.  In 2014-15 Lexington Middle School did not meet AYP goals in 2 subgroups in Math and 2 subgroups in Reading.

Names of the Title I schools that did and did not meet the AYP standards for 2014-2015 were released by the Nebraska Department of Education in the State of the Schools Report.  You can compare and contrast the proficiencies of all Nebraska schools, including all schools in Lexington, at the following website:  http://www.education.ne.gov/documents/SOSR.html.  The link to follow is “2014-2015 Report”.

As a Needs Improvement School for four years, Lexington Middle School is entering a period know as “Restructuring.”  Therefore, by law, our middle school is required to develop a restructuring plan to be implemented next school year if it does not meet AYP this year.  The plan that is developed must re-do how the governance of the school is structured.  The law also requires that parents have opportunities to comment about the plan.  As a Lexington Middle School parent, you will be receiving information about upcoming meetings to comment about the school’s restructuring plan

  Because of our current status, we are using an Action Plan to improve learning for every student.  As a part of our school’s plan we:

  • Use classroom reading, math, and science test results to focus instruction on specific student needs
  • Plan lessons to include effective teaching techniques
  • Provide descriptive feedback to students throughout lessons to improve their understanding and skill
  • Differentiate instruction with small groups of learners to re-teach for mastery or extend learning for rigor
  • Provide many literacy strategies throughout all subject areas

It takes two years of making adequate yearly progress to be removed from the School Improvement classification; therefore, our school will be designated as School Improvement for at least two additional years.  The No Child Left Behind Act requires each school identified for Title I School Improvement to offer Public School Choice to all students who attend the identified school.  Our students do not have another choice of schools at the same grade level within our district and as a result there is no transfer option available to our students.

As a Needs Improvement School for at least two years, Lexington Middle School is required to offer Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to any student who is eligible for free and reduced lunch.  A list of the approved SES providers is available at the school’s office or at:  http://www.lexschools.org/  under “Supplemental Educational Services”.  Parents who choose to have their children participate in SES are asked to return the enrollment form to the Middle School office. Once notice has been received, we will make enrollment arrangements with the provider and parents will be contacted by their selected provider to begin tutoring. 

Your support matters and we encourage you to attend school events such as parent/teacher conferences and other family activities.  Please contact us or check our website for information about our parent events.  We would also be eager to provide you any “at home” strategies to support reading and math learning.  You can regularly monitor your child’s academic progress through PowerSchool at: http://www.lexschools.org/power-school .  The portal allows you to view current assignments and grades.

We invite you to contact the school if you have additional questions about any details.  We will continue to celebrate our school’s many successes as we continuously work to provide a quality education for all students.

If you have any questions regarding Lexington Middle School's status, please feel free to contact Mr. Scott West at 308-324-2349.


Scott West, Principal
Lexington Middle School

Lexington Middle School-Year 4

School Choice
Year(s) Total Enrollment No. of Students Eligible for Option No. of Students Optioning
2011-12 580 580 0
2012-13 596 596 0
2013-14 614 614 0
2014-15 620 620 0
2015-16 639 639