Information Technology

December 11, 2018

Classes in Information Technology have appreciated the ease of creation using ipads this year! Applications such as, Green Screen by DoInk, iMovie, and Keynote have allowed students to become creators of content, not just consumers.

Sixth graders have concentrated on keyboarding for a significant part of their class work. They have enjoyed opportunities to touch on their creative side in developing Super Hero and I’m Thankful videos, as well as, experimenting with augmented reality using the app AR Maker.

After creating some amazing dioramas for their social studies civilizations project, seventh graders placed themselves within their models through the use of green screen and created a video explaining their various aspects of their society. Seventh graders can also be seen throughout our library (accessible with QR code) and library website featuring their Booktalks. Booktalks are video book reports created by the students using green screen and iMovie.

Life at LMS is chronicled through the LMS News, created by eighth graders. Students identify newsworthy topics, write scripts, collect images, interview experts, enhance with clipart & captions and merge segments in iMovie. Student producers have tried to make the viewing experience interactive with the audience through the use of QR links to videos and a survey. Each news team has done a tremendous job working together to make an informative program for Lexington Middle School.