Lexington Middle School


Another great week of beginning strength training for Middle School PE students. 


Think Different 

As I am approaching this new school year, I am challenging myself to think differently.  I have been in education for almost twenty years and have served in a number of different roles.  I have served in the capacity as a volunteer paraeducator at YRTC, a teacher in Houston, TX and Lexington, a principal at Sandoz Elementary and Elm Creek Public Schools, an assistant principal at Lexington Middle School, and most recently a superintendent at Elm Creek Public Schools.  It is a journey that has brought me back to the classroom, but given me so many viewpoints of education.  I truly believe the greatest impact a person has in any of these roles is that of the teacher.  The daily contact with kids is essential in developing relationships that show kids that you believe not only in them, but also their dreams.  Speaking one on one with kids allows me to glance into their world and help them aspire to be the best human they can be. It is not always easy as their world has been heavily bombarded with social media and the pressure to belong now transcends the school day and enters into their homes at night.  But, that is why engaging and inspiring teachers are so badly needed in the "trenches." Times have changed since I was last in the classroom, but the kids are the same.  They yearn for positive, structured environments.  They desire to feel loved and appreciated.  I cannot wait for this year to continue  so I can push kids to dream again! I am inspired by this advertisement from the Apple Company in the 1990's.  I share it with kids and hope it will change them!


Power Lifting

Middle school students are being introduced to strength training. We are working on basic body weight movements. 


Speaking Up!

LMS students are learning how to become better speakers this year through a variety of presentations. Each class will have different presentations to complete. So far, we have presented two or three times, learned the basics of a presentation, and are learning to adjust our volume, tone, posture, eye contact, gestures and visual aids. That’s a lot to learn is such a short time! The best advice we have heard is practice, practice, practice! If a student could not find a family member to listen, they are encouraged to practice in front of a mirror or record themselves with their ipad or phone. Practice will make everything much easier! Students typically receive two grades for each assignment: a presentation grade and a class work grade. Most work will be completed in class although sometimes a student may have to finish outside of class. So far, students have enjoyed preparing or sharing their heritage, hobby, or bucket list with the rest of the class. We are all improving as speakers and audience members with each presentation!

Living Skills

My name is Mrs. DeLap and I am the Living Skills teacher here at the Middle School. We have started off the year right with some team building activities and challenges. This year, along with family studies, child development, foods, and sewing lessons, I am adding mindfulness activities to help students manage stress and anxiety and take good care of themselves so they can, in turn help others. Another addition to the lessons will be an Understanding Money course for the students. I am very excited and anxious to see where Living Skills will take us this year!


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