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Talapia & Vegetables

Science in the 6th grade is slowly wrapping up.  We have been working with UNK through a graduate project that is allowing us to grow tilapia and vegetables in our 6th grade classroom.  We have been watching our fish grow…very slowly.  We have found out that tilapia grow better in a warmer climate.  It has not helped that most of our plants did not make it.  However, once we figured out the right PH levels we now have some ivy and hot peppers growing very well. 

We have also partnered with the high school Ag program as they are working on their own aquaponics system with UNL.  The high school students will be taking and monitoring all the different aspects of the tank and take readings.  They will then come over to the middle school and share their findings and help the middle school students graph the rates of growth, light, ph levels and water temperature.

Busy Time for LMS Student Council

The Lexington Middle School Student Council has had a very busy and productive year. Our most recent project was a food drive that was held in March. All seven Teams at the Middle School competed against each other to see who would win a free movie at the Majestic.  This ended up being one of the most successful food drives held here at the Middle School (between 4500-5000 food items were donated). In a very close competition, the 8th grade Patriot Team came out on top. The food items will be donated to families of need in the Lexington area.

Other activities and events that the Student Council has been involved with this school year include:

  • Volunteering to help with the Red Cross Blood Drives held here at the Middle School.
  • Assisting with the Mobile Food Pantry held the first Thursday of each month.
  • Made cookies and visited residents of Brookdale Senior Living during the Holiday season.
  • Organized and sold Hot Cheetos before Valentine’s Day with the proceeds going to the Rotary Club to assist with projects to benefit Lexington.
  • Halloween Fun Night with a movie and fun activities for LMS students.
  • Organized Red Ribbon Week, which is a national recognition week celebrating being drug and alcohol free.
  • Assisting with the “Lights After School” event, which celebrates after-school programs.
  • End of the school year “Variety Show”.  Featuring various talents here at the Middle School.

1st Annual Spelling Bee
Middle School

The 7th grade Stars team hosted their 1st Annual Spelling Bee. All students took a written test during class. They were required to spell 14/20 words correctly in order to participate in Round 2. For the second round, students were in their respective classes and were required to orally spell words. The two finalists from each class period moved to the Final Round. The Final Round of the spelling bee took place in the Middle School Auditorium in front of the Stars Team, about 100 students.  The ten finalists took the stage and were required to spell words correctly from the Scripps National Spelling Bee 8th grade word list. After four rounds of spelling, the winner was Isabella Carlson. 

Congratulations Isabella!

ELL Field Trip to SAC Museum

This past Wednesday, the ELL team from LMS took a trip to the SAC Museum in Ashland Nebraska. The day was filled with a variety of activities. We were able to work with EV3 robots and had a little bit of fun jousting with them. EV3 robots are like the modern day remote controlled cars. Students (and teachers) also took their turns propelling a film canister filled with Alka-Seltzer and water up into the air. We also constructed a landing device made with common household items and tested to see how well they could land with “passengers” inside them. Another activity was using Cubelets and Legos to construct a vehicle to move around. Students discovered they could move that machine by simply placing their hand close to it and not touching it. We also were able to tour the hangars and learn some about the history of the planes.  Overall, it was an eventful day that went by fast!

Current Climate of 8th Graders

As the end of the school year approaches and I evaluate the current climate of the 8th grade student body I find myself reflecting on the words of famous Greek Philosipher Hericlitus who said “the only constant in the world is change.” The irony being these words, which have not changed, ring just as true today as they did when they were first spoken nearly 2,500 years ago. Our 8th graders are busy preparing themselves for this inevitable change, their days have now become a balancing act between taking care of business at hand, preparing classes and activities for the future, and reflecting on the memories they have created here at LMS without becoming too emotional about the “good ol days.” Many of you reading this, including myself, have experienced similar change and more in our lifetimes. Some of us were ready, some not, many of you may have been excited at prospect of change while others were a bit skeptical or anxious. The encouraging thought is this, we all survived. To those of you reading this with experience in change I encourage you to draw upon that, practice a little more patience and understanding with these students and support them as they pass through this stage in their lives. To any 8th grader reading this...breathe, change is a part of life and there are countless people in the Lexington community willing to help. You’re all going to be fine.

Spring Testing Schedule

The Lexington Middle School is entering the Spring testing period of the year! Please make sure students receive adequate sleep, good meals and share with each of them encouraging words to do their best! It is also VERY important that your student is at school during these testing dates! 

Students will be taking both the MAP and the state assessment, which is now called NSCAS. The MAP test is a great assessment that adapts throughout each question to show the students reading and math skills. This MAP test provides a RIT score that in return guides us, as teachers, to help place them in the right courses throughout the year and make adjustments in specific units and lessons during their learning instruction. All of our students will be participating in the assessment! As 8th graders, these RIT scores help place them into their Freshman year courses at the High School. Go ahead and ask your student how he or she did after their MAP test! I beat they will know their RIT score and be able to tell you how they did compared to the fall MAP test!

The state assessment, NSCAS, will also be given. This is a test measuring their grade level skills in both reading and math. 8th graders always have an additional test in Science. These tests are very important! Again, please make sure your student gets a good night rest during their testing dates, has healthy meals, and you provide them with encouraging comments. These results will not be available until after the beginning of the next school year and the state will provide these results to the school and the parents. 

Here are the testing dates for Spring 2018

7th Graders:
NSCAS Math: April 17th 
NSCAS Reading: April 18th 
MAP Reading: April 24th
MAP Math: April 25th

6th Graders: 
NSCAS Math: April 19th
NSCAS Reading: April 20th
MAP Reading: April 26th 
MAP Math: April 27th 


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