Algebra 2 Classroom Check-ins and Checkups

January 31, 2018

We are working hard at mastering some big ideas involving “Rational Functions, Expressions and Equations” in the Algebra 2 classes at Lexington High School. 

The key to understanding any subject is found in the struggle.  Thankfully, we have the opportunity to check in often with our on-line homework system found at

Since rational functions, expressions and equations involve a great deal of prior algebra knowledge, much of the lesson involves re-discovering algebraic concepts from long ago. 

After we invest priceless classroom time together and complete the lesson problems with support, we then engage in a solo check-up, i.e., an assessment.   

The journey to understand these ideas would be much more arduous if there were NOT frequent check-ins and timely checkups.  Just ask the Algebra 2 students!