New Opportunities Coming for the PE Department

November 17, 2017

            The semester is quickly coming to a close. As a department, we are exploring the option of adding new classes that will allow our students numerous opportunities. Sports Officiating, Lifetime Activities, Strength Training, and T... Read More

ELL Students and Science Predictions

November 17, 2017

In the ELL program at Lexington High School, students work together to make predictions about different objects and if they will sink or float. They have been working on building their Science vocabulary skills as well as having the opportunity to test different types of m... Read More

Exploring Venezuela!

November 15, 2017

In Spanish class we are learning about the country of Venezuela. Kids are learning about all the difficult situations the country is experiencing. The students compare their lives in the United States and how would it be if they were to live in Venezuela. Also, we have menti... Read More

Making Homework Meaningful

November 14, 2017

      This year in the math department, we have new curriculum.  The students do not receive physical books.  The students can download the pdfs of the lessons to view at home or access them online through the website.         Wh... Read More

Some ask why.

November 13, 2017

Some place, in the nether regions of my files and stashes of papers I deemed had import and relevance, is a quote that, in essences, says:              “We study Mathematics for reasoning, precision, and logi... Read More