Geometric Reasoning

October 1, 2015

Can you solve this logic puzzle?

      Bonnie, Cally, Daphne, and Fiona own a bird, cat, dog, and fish.  No girl has a type       of pet that begins with the same letter as her name.  Bonnie is allergic to animal             fur.  Daphne feed’s Fiona’s bird when Fiona is away. 


Mrs. Vrbka’s Geometry Honors class is starting a chapter on Geometric Reasoning.  The first few lessons in the chapter deal with inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.  Inductive reasoning is the process of reasoning that a rule or statement is true based on specific cases.  Deductive reasoning is the process of using logic to draw conclusions from facts and definitions.  The students have to use both inductive and deductive reasoning to determine if statements are true or false. 


As we get later in the chapter, we will be introduced to Algebraic and Geometric proofs.  Students will need to use these reasoning processes to create a list of steps that help them prove that a statement is true.