Local Scholarships Instructions

1.  The Local Scholarship list and the Lexington Community Foundation Scholarship list will be handed out in February.  Scholarships will also be updated on the high school guidance counseling website and the Lexington Foundation's website.
2.  Read through the list of scholarships and determine the ones for which you qualify.
3.  For scholarships listed on the Guidance/ Counseling Local Scholarships site the application should include:
        1. A cover page
        2. The common application form found online   
        3. One transcript (copies are acceptable)
        4. Resume   
        5. An essay explaining your goals (college major) and objectives (250 words or less)

            -Some scholarships may ask for a Financial Need Statement.  Please read each scholarship carefully.
         6. Three letters of recommendation, check each scholarship for their specific requirements. (Recommendation fact sheets are available in the counseling office.)

4.  All applications, both Local and Lexington Community Foundation, must be submitted to the Guidance/ Counseling Office by Friday, March 31 by 4:00 p.m.

* Sample applications are available in the counseling office.
Staple the application only.  Do not use folders or binding to collate the application.