College Application


The months of October, November & December are the time of year seniors should be applying to the colleges of their choice.  It is a good idea to select three or four colleges you would like to attend.  Many of these colleges will allow the student to apply online.   It is a good strategy to apply to the schools of your choice by January 1 to assure that you are considered for scholarships.  You need to check the specific application deadlines for any schools outside of Nebraska.

College Visits

Each senior is allowed two school days for campus visits.  Please stop by the counselors office and get a pre-excused absence form if you plan on making a campus visit.  A week's notice is needed prior to your visit.  A campus visit is important in actually meeting the college staff, touring the campus, and visiting departments you are interested in.   A list of questions to ask on your college visit is available in the counseling office.

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

This form must be filled out by all students that want to be considered for any type of financial aid for college from the U.S. government.  All government loans, grants, and work study money comes from the information on this form.

  • Apply as early as possible after January 1, the year of their graduation.

  • Forms are available in the counseling office.

  • We strongly suggest you use the Educational Planning Center in Kearney to help you fill out the form and answer any questions.

  • The EPC phone number is 1-800-666-3721 or 308-234-6310.

  • If you have the EPC mail the form electronically, it can save between two to four weeks turn around on getting the information back to you and/or the colleges of your choice.