Medication Administration

Mediations are provided at Lexington Public Schools, in accordance with the Medication Aide Act. The administration of medication at Lexington Public Schools is considered to be the responsibility of the professional school nurse, and can be delegated to an unlicensed person, if the Registered School Nurse deems the unlicensed person competent. Medications are to be provided to students at school only after written consent, from the parent or guardian, has been received in the school health office. Medications are to be made available to the school, in the pharmacy or manufacturer's packaging, with intact labeling.  All medications are to be kept in the school health office, unless the school nurse approves alternate arrangements, and /or the procedure for self-carry of medications is in place for the student.  Outdated medication products will not be accepted. Medications will not be administered during school hours, unless necessary for promoting a child's learning experience, first aid or emergency purposes, or management of a medical condition.  Parents/guardians should be encouraged to give medications that are not for these purposes, at home.  The school nurse is responsible for observation and monitoring functions, conducts the competency training and assessment activities, and provides ongoing supervision of all personnel providing medications to students.

Students with asthma, anaphylaxis or diabetes will be permitted to self-administer their own medication with the development of a medical care plan and written authorization of parent/guardian, physician, nurse and student.

Medication Permission Form
Medication Permission Form-Spanish

Self-Adminstration Form
Self-Administration Form-Spanish