Curricular Areas

Language Arts
Fine Arts
Physical Education
Social Studies

The core curriculum is a predetermined body of skills, knowledge, and abilities that is taught to all students no matter their career plans.  It is a predetermined set of key concepts, replicating high performance standards, which all students are expected to successfully demonstrate.

The rigor in the core curricula is in place to create life-long learners.  The Lexington Public Schools offer comprehensive curricula in grades K-12, which includes the following areas:

  • K-12 language arts
  • K-12 mathematics
  • K-12 science
  • K-12 social studies
  • K-12 physical education
  • K-12 vocal music
  • K-12 visual art
  • K-12 technology education
  • K-12 physical education
  • K- 5 dual language education
  • 5-12 instrumental music
  • 6-12 visual arts
  • 6-12 technology education
  • 6-12 family and consumer science
  • 6-12 world language
  • 9-12 business education
  • 9-12 vocational education

The design components of the aforementioned curricular areas were developed using a systemic system.

  • K-12 philosophy and belief statements, which guide the K-12 curricular program
  • K-12 curriculum design frameworks, which conceptually organize and connect the district's curriculum by program strands and standards
  • K-12 program standards
  • K-12 key concepts
  • K-12 course/grade level curriculum standards, which represent the key concepts and content for each course and grade level.