District Information

Mission Statement

"The mission of Lexington Public Schools is to develop capable and responsible lifelong learners."

Vision Statement

“We will prepare students for the global challenges and opportunities for the future with the cooperation of family, school and community. The school is committed to instilling in each student a desire to learn and overcome challenges within a caring respectful and multicultural environment.”

2017-18 Nebraska Education Profile, provided by the Nebraska Department of Education

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Our Schools
9 Preschool Classrooms
4 Elementary Schools
1 Middle School
1 High School
All public school districts are required to be accredited by the State.  Accreditation requirements are found in the Regulations and Procedures for the Accreditation of Schools (Rule 10).  Lexington High School also holds regional accreditation from the North Central Association.

District Demographics
Enrollment - 3051
Free/Reduced Price Meals - 76%
English Language Learners - 37%
Special Education - 12%
Attendance Rate - 96%

Student Membership by Race

Year American Indian/
Alaska Native
Asian Black or
African American
Hispanic Native Hawaiian or
Other Pacific Islander
White Two or
More Races
2017-18 .6% 1% 7% 73% 16% 2.4%